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Free Shipping on Orders over $95!

Road, Triathlon and Gravel Bike Fitting

Our Bike Fits are designed to ensure that you are in a comfortable and efficient position on your bike. We will address any issues you may have such as discomfort, pedalling technique, new equipment (such as changing your saddle) and bio-mechanical or aerodynamic efficiency. We do this by taking a dynamic approach to bike fitting, observing you riding your bike on a stationary trainer and evaluating your joint angles.

The end result will be greater comfort and endurance while riding.

If within the first 60 days of riding your bike, you have any concerns about your riding position please contact us to schedule a re-fit at no charge.

You can read the details of our fitting services and book an appointment online below. Please note you will be charged the total including HST at the time of booking and we require 48 hours cancellation notice for refunds.